Online reputation maintenance: what does it consist of

When we talk about digital reputation, we usually think about the moment in which the crisis unfolds and the steps that must be taken to resolve it. However, good management can maintain the good reputation of a brand and prevent the crisis from occurring. Helping it to grow, develop and reach a greater number of customers on a basis of trust with users. That is why, next, we are going to tell you about the online reputation maintenance and what it consists of.

Good communication

Although it is true that online reputation is something that develops from users and does not necessarily depend on what the company says about itself, the way in which a brand develops its communication can have a considerable impact on the online reputation maintenance. For this reason, it is always essential that brands properly identify their target audience and that they can manage targeted, clear and consistent communications to generate greater trust in people.

Maintain a social listen

Secondly, social listening or active listening is one of the most important concepts that a brand has for maintaining its online reputation. What it is about is active and in-depth monitoring of comments, reviews and conversations in which the brand is referenced. This not only makes it possible to recognize which things are being done well and which are not in order to make changes in time, but also to identify negative comments in order to be able to offer responses and solutions in a timely manner.

Identify and resolve reputational risk

The concept of reputational risk is key in online reputation. It refers to the possibility of loss of reputation or the development of a reputational crisis. In other words, it is the possibility that a company has of actually producing reputational damage.

Identifying the reputational risk allows establishing appropriate actions for its resolution, in order to prevent it from growing and a crisis from developing. In addition, it will be necessary to assess the danger of the risk in order to manage the best actions.

Respond to user comments

Along with the aforementioned, it must be taken into account that user comments are one of the main sources of information. It is the resource that potential customers take to opt for a company or not when purchasing a product or service. Therefore, the way in which the company responds to these comments will be decisive for the good maintenance of its online reputation.

What is recommended is to always respond to comments, both positive and negative, maintaining kindness and attention to what the client is expressing. But, in addition, it is essential to respond by acknowledging mistakes if there are any and being willing to offer solutions so that these negative comments can become a recovery of trust.

Develop a management plan

Finally, developing a crisis management plan is what will allow all areas of the company to know exactly how to act in cases where there may be a potential crisis or reputational risk. In addition, it is a way to generate quick and consistent responses between the different parts of the organization, which allow tension situations to be controlled. And, in addition, that allow the user to restore confidence and the feeling of well-being in their interaction and their general experience with the brand.

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