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We are a multidisciplinary team composed of experts in legal matters, analytics, communication, and marketing, specializing in comprehensive identity and online reputation management (ORM). With over 10 years of experience in crisis management and online reputational problem-solving, we are the foremost specialized comprehensive consultancy firm in the prevention and management of online reputational risk.
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Team of Experts
202 Digital Reputation is composed of a diverse team of professionals in digital reputation, data protection, legal, communication, design, marketing, digital transformation, crisis management, and other fields. We are continuously learning and developing to provide the finest, swift, and practical solutions.
We embrace technology in our methodology, developing our own ERP and collaborating with industry leaders in social listening software, process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), CRM, and the necessary resources to adapt to present-day requirements.
With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we possess a rich history that enables us to comprehend our clientsu2019 needs and provide solutions at all levels. Understanding the evolution of a still-emerging sector such as digital reputation, which has a long way to go, is crucial in our approach.
At 202, we believe in tolerance and respect, justice, freedom, and solidarity. We adhere to our own code of ethics, believe in second chances, and always operate within the bounds of the law, striving to create a more just and prejudice-free society



In HTTP code, it means u2018Acceptedu2019 or u2018Indexed,u2019 indicating that everything is operating exactly as it should
In maritime language, it signifies SOS
In numerology, it is a message of revelation, renewal, and rebirth
u201cDigital reputation reflects the prestige and esteem of an individual or brand on the Internet. It is not entirely under the subjectu2019s or organizationu2019s absolute control, as it is also shaped by others through conversations and contributions of their opinions.u201d - Source: Wikipedia. That is why it is crucial nowadays to have a specialized partner in digital reputation to minimize the risk of reputational damage and maximize the user experience as much as possible. We live in an era of constant technological evolution, and that is why we place our bets on the best digital strategies and tools.


Ruben Gu00e1lvez
Founder & Co-CEO
Carlota Gatius
Founder & Co-CEO

Social Commitment

The world has changed, and so has the way we perceive it

We have the opportunity to create a better society, and the digital environment can aid us in changing and transforming our world, fostering initiatives from various perspectives. Prioritizing the environment, education, respect, and diversity. At 202, we actively collaborate with diverse organizations that, like us, understand that the world has changed. We are only a few years away from deciding if our planet can change its course. We collaborate with Sanctus Ecosystem Technology to improve the environment, caring for nature through ecological technologies that contribute to a better world. We work together with o2 Generation u201cGo2u201d to assist those in need, in areas such as healthcare, local commerce, LGBTQ+ support, and the environment

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