Digital Identity

“Managing how you or your company is perceived on the Internet. We specialize in corporate communication and personal branding strategies to enhance reputation and improve Google search rankings.”

Digital Identity Services

Online Reputation

Al realizar acciones de comunicación corporativa o marca personal pocas veces se piensa en cómo va a posicionar dicha nota en nuestras búsquedas. Nos encargamos de preparar las acciones de comunicación no solo pensando en audiencias, sino pensando en posicionamiento y reputación.

Brand Positioning on Google

Closely tied to brand visibility, positioning in Google refers to the art of securing top search rankings when users specifically search for the brand’s name or directly related terms.

Personalized Service

Through our own methodology, we tailor our approach to precisely meet your specific requirements.

No false expectations

We will be transparent about what you can expect and what you cannot from our services.

International Legal Coverage

We work strictly in compliance with the laws of each country where we operate.

About Digital Identity

• Press releases in reputable media outlets, optimized for web positioning, to ensure proper indexing in search engines and media.
• We take care of writing, optimizing, and publishing posts on the corporate blog of the company/brand.



Digital identity refers to the online representation of a person, organization, or entity in the digital realm. It embodies the image and impact that we leave on the internet, encompassing the information we share, our online activities, and the manner in which we engage with others. This multifaceted digital identity comprises elements like social media profiles, personal websites, forum or blog comments, social media posts, active involvement in online communities, and all other internet interactions that contribute to how others perceive and understand us.

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Your brand wears off every hour it spends being exposed to negative information on the internet.

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