What Are the Main Functions of a Reputation Agency

Let’s talk about the main functions of a reputation agency. Comprised of specialists in various areas of online reputation, communication, marketing, and design, a reputation agency is a company that seeks to reduce actions that jeopardize the reputation and perception that people have of a company or brand. Nowadays, in a context where people increasingly rely on reputation when betting on a brand, the function of this agency is more important for the survival and growth of companies. Therefore, we will now tell you about the main functions of a reputation agency today.

Functions of a reputation agency and how it helps companies

Taking into account what was mentioned, in order to carry out its task properly, a digital reputation agency must carry out a series of tasks aimed at prevention, management, and maintenance. Among the main functions of a reputation agency, we can highlight the following:


In order to develop appropriate actions, the reputation agency must conduct a diagnosis of the hiring company's situation. Therefore, the first thing it usually does is investigate the opinions that customers, suppliers, and employees have regarding the brand. Ultimately, what is wanted is to know whether the brand is in a good situation or not, whether it is a reference in the sector, and how people talk about the brand. For this, different tools are used oriented to surveillance, monitoring, and social listening, which allow knowing in detail what the current situation of the company is.


Once all the previous information has been gathered, the digital reputation agency must study that data to establish the most appropriate ways of proceeding. At this point, one of the things that are done is to analyze the content. In order to detect whether the business has been the victim of the dissemination of false or outdated information. In this way, the need to take action on it is included in the subsequent strategy.

Risk measurement

Risk measurement is an important point to develop, as it is about taking the analyses to measure the real risk that a brand or person has of suffering a reputational crisis.

Action plan

Based on the previous points, one of the essential functions of a reputation agency is the action plan and its execution. This means setting a course of action based on the analysis of the information gathered. In order to undo the negative image of the brand and achieve positive opinions. It also helps to apply improvements in the online strategy and on the website in general to achieve a better presence in the brand's network.

Within reputation management or reputational crisis management, if applicable, the agency can also carry out tasks of de-indexing and elimination of false or outdated information that may be negatively affecting the brand. At the same time, it invests in creating new content that contributes to a positive image.

Digital legal advice

In some cases, such as 202 Digital Reputation, another function is to offer digital legal advice. This is essential so that brands can know how to proceed in each case, including the best ways to comply with current legislation. Additionally, in the case of this agency, digital reputation and legal training are also offered.

Reputation consultancy

Finally, within the functions of a reputation agency, we must mention reputation consultancy. As the name implies, it consists of providing social listening and advice related to companies that may have doubts or problems regarding their reputation on the network.


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