Barbie vs. Spanish Women's National Soccer Team: A Duel in Social Conversation


During this summer in Spain, two unexpected topics have captured public attention:
the Spanish Women's National Soccer Team and Barbie. However, it's important to
note that the analysis we conducted covers the period from August 22nd to September
. What's interesting is that both topics have shared an almost equal stage in public
, with Twitter being the primary platform where these debates have come
to life. To carry out this analysis, we used a powerful monitoring tool called "social
" provided by Talkwalker.

Throughout this article, we explore how these two seemingly disparate elements
intertwined and exerted a significant influence on Spanish society during a period
characterized by significant growth in feminism. From the notable achievements of the
women's team on the soccer field to Barbie's reinvention in a world redefining beauty
standard, we discover the profound and diverse impact these topics have had on the
daily lives of Spaniards during this crucial moment.

In a month full of surprises, these two topics have shown that there are no limits when
it comes to redefining norms and challenging expectations in today's society.

Analysis of Mentions on Digital Platforms

Both topics have generated a surprising balance in the digital world, with "Barbie"
garnering a total of 285.3 thousand mentions and the "Spanish Women's National
Soccer Team" is very close, with 282.5 thousand mentions.

If we look at the evolution over time (see Figure 1), we notice that the term "Spanish
Women's National Soccer Team" experienced a significant increase in conversations
during the week spanning from August 22nd to August 29th.

Figure 1: Results over time for "Barbie" and "Spanish Women's Soccer Team"

As for mentions in the media, Twitter stands as the leading platform, registering a total of 282.5K mentions for the Women's National Soccer Team and 285.3K mentions for Barbie.

However, it's interesting to note (see Figures 2 and 3) that there is a divergence in the media channels used. YouTube emerges as the next platform with the highest number of mentions for Barbie, while blogs stand out as the predominant channel for mentions related to the Women's National Soccer Team.

This variety of channels reflects the diversity of interests and forms of expression in the digital conversation about these topics.

Figure 2: Media shares - Women's national soccer team
Figure 3: Media shares - Barbie

Analysis of Interactions and Engagement: Barbie vs. Spanish Women's National Soccer Team

The public conversation surrounding these topics has reached remarkable dimensions, generating millions of interactions including likes, comments, and shares, especially on social media. This discourse has transcended beyond the realms of cinema and soccer to even address political issues.

When it comes to the engagement index, the Women's National Soccer Team accumulates an impressive total of 2.5 million interactions, while Barbie boasts 2.3 million, resulting in a staggering total of 4.7 million interactions combined.

Diving into the temporal analysis (see Figure 4), we see that the Women's National Soccer Team topic gathers a higher number of interactions between August 22nd and August 29th. Additionally, there are spikes in interactions around September 5th, 15th, and 19th, likely related to news such as the case of Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso.

Figure 4: Evolution over time of mentions

In Barbie's case, there is an uptick in interactions on September 13th and 14th, possibly coinciding with the movie's release on digital platforms, announced by Warner Bros on September 12th.

However, the peak of interactions occurred on August 25th and 26th, both for Barbie and the Spanish Women's National Team. On this key date, the case of Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso was mentioned, as well as an emotional live kiss after the Women's World Cup final. However, Barbie, with the year's most prominent release, experienced a notable increase in interactions on social media and in the media, covering various topics such as tension in Arab countries, the rivalry between Barbie and Bratz, the announcement of Barbie coming to Netflix and other platforms, along with other relevant news.

In the image below, you can observe interactions on various digital platforms for both cases. Twitter stands out as the platform with the most interaction in content related to the Women's National Soccer Team, while YouTube leads in interactions for Barbie, closely followed by Twitter.

The Emotional Tone of the Digital Conversation

Regarding the predominant tone of the conversation, there is a focus on negative aspects:

- In Barbie's case, controversy has arisen due to the nomination of Ryan Gosling as Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars, leading some viewers to call for the nomination of the lead actress Margot Robbie. Additionally, the film has faced criticism for censorship in certain Middle Eastern countries.

- On the other hand, in the case of the Women's National Soccer Team, much of the negative content has centered around the controversy generated by the Rubiales case, overshadowing news related to the victory in the 2023 Women's World Cup.

Twitter trends and hashtags reflect the constantly shifting interaction among millions of users on this platform. When a topic becomes the center of attention, it results from a cascade of participation, often driven by significant events that lead to the creation of profiles and specific hashtags on Twitter. Now, let's look at the hashtag trends that have emerged in relation to the two concepts analyzed in this report.

Top "Barbie" trends and hashtags:

Top "Barbie" trends and hashtags:
Top hashtags "Barbie"

Top trends and hashtags for "Women's Soccer Team":

Top trends "Women's Soccer Team"
Top hastags "Women's Soccer Team"


In this comprehensive analysis, we have explored the significant influence that seemingly disparate topics like the Women's National Soccer Team and Barbie have on public conversation in Spain. During the studied period, we witnessed surprising equality in the attention both topics received, highlighting the diversity of interests and passions intertwined on social media.

The magnitude of interactions and the deep engagement of the audience around these topics are clear signals of the impact they can have on society. From sports issues to debates on representation in popular culture, these two concepts have demonstrated their ability to generate far-reaching conversations. This reminds us of the crucial importance of managing online reputation and how information can spread rapidly in the digital age.

As a specialized agency in online reputation management, at 202 Digital Reputation, we understand the need to effectively manage your online presence, especially in an environment where conversations can take unpredictable turns.


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