“We firmly believe that training is one of the keys to prevention. We provide training to executives, entrepreneurs, and employees on topics such as digital identity and reputation, managing rating platforms, crisis prevention, digital regulations, and the use of tools.”

Types of Training We Provide

Monitoring Tools

Training in Monitoring Tools is essential for those who aim to maintain effective control over their online presence and digital reputation.

Personalized Service

Through our own methodology, we tailor our approach to precisely meet your specific requirements.

No false expectations

We will be transparent about what you can expect and what you cannot from our services.

International Legal Coverage

We work strictly in compliance with the laws of each country where we operate.

About Trainings

“We offer tailored and personalized training sessions depending on the individuals or groups they are directed to. Primarily aimed at communication and marketing teams of medium or large companies. The sessions include both theoretical and practical aspects, with a Q&A session to address any remaining questions or doubts.”



Measuring brand monitoring involves evaluating key indicators such as social media growth and engagement, a sentiment of mentions, online participation, campaign reach, media coverage, competitor comparison, trend analysis, and effectiveness in resolving issues and managing crises. It’s an ongoing process that requires the use of appropriate analytical tools to gain a clear understanding of the brand’s online performance and make informed decisions to enhance its communication and reputation strategy.


Crafting an efficient digital crisis plan involves identifying potential crisis scenarios, appointing a multidisciplinary team like 202 Digital Reputation, establishing clear response protocols, and designating an authorized spokesperson. Constant monitoring of social media, transparent communication, and swift, coordinated responses are essential. Training the team, defining communication channels, and learning from each experience are crucial steps to keep the plan updated and adaptable to new situations.

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