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We are very fortunate to be able to work with the best in the world

We actively collaborate with companies in diverse sectors, that mutually support us in our business. We believe strongly in the collaborative economy, and it makes up a fundamental part of our structure.


Probably, the first person you call when you have a reputational problem is your trusted lawyer, which is why they are a very important partner. Having a company specialised in digital reputation where you can refer the possible affected person in order to solve the problem.

Marketing Agencies

Occasionally,marketing agencies are in charge of managing a client’s digital reputation. If they are not specialised, they look for a trusted partner such as 202 in order to be able to refer their clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the work.

Communication Agencies

In the day-to-day work of a communications agency, we often talk about digital reputation. They are in charge of managing their clients’ communication and rely on us to provide other related services such as data cleansing or active listening to a client.


They analyse and manage projects for their clients, and, on many occasions, when they find digital reputation management within their projects, they count on companies like 202 to provide said management. Due to it being a niche service, it makes sense to have a partner specialising in digital reputation within a consultancy.


They represent the interests of their clients, which often includes their digital reputation. We actively support the relationships with representatives to be able to offer another service to add to their portfolio.

Community Managers

They are the link between the organisation and the public; their voice and eyes. On many occasions they are the first to discover areputation crisis within an organisation. It is very important to be able to count on specialist support in digital reputation to be able to deliver a solution in a time of need that it is competent with being able to provide.


We work hand in hand with cybersecurity companies, a two-way relationship when we receive cases that require their services. They are tasked with protecting the computing infrastructure and minimising possible risks. They work well with the prevention of reputational risk, both searching to minimise risk to the organisation.

Technological Companies

Focused on the application of new technologies. We work collaboratively with companies in the technological sector, searching for the best solutions that compliment our service and provide value, as we focus solely on the digital sector.

Associations and Foundations

We actively work with various associations and foundations, both at partner and social engagement level, where we can grow together, be represented and represented, and be able to add value.

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