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“Crisis Management in a situation where a company, organization, or entity faces a series of severe problems that negatively impact its public image and the perception of its customers, business partners, or the general public.”

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We act from the very beginning, measuring the impact of the crisis in the initial hours to determine its severity - whether it is a crisis or not, and if so, whether it is mild, severe, or very severe.

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About Brands’ Reputational Crisis Management

In the realm of digital reputation, a crisis can emerge from legal affairs, personal issues, business challenges, and various other sources. Swift identification and preparation are paramount to effectively manage such crises.

For companies and organizations, effectively managing such crises requires a solid crisis management plan. The goal is to minimize the damage and, if possible, regain trust and positive brand image. This might involve open and timely communication, sincere apologies, internal policy adjustments, and a commitment to ethical behavior. By taking these steps, the brand can bounce back stronger and maintain a good reputation in the long run.



Managing a crisis situation on social media requires a swift and strategic response. The first step is to identify and understand the magnitude of the crisis. Designate a responsible team and an authorized spokesperson to communicate transparently and empathetically with the audience. Actively listen to the concerns and comments of the public, responding promptly and staying composed. Provide clear and accurate information, avoiding speculation or falsehoods. Coordinate and maintain consistency in the team’s messages and actions. If necessary, redirect to private channels for more personalized attention.


Acting promptly is crucial. Maintaining transparent communication to uphold trust, actively listening to concerns, and providing appropriate responses are essential. Avoiding the deletion or ignoring of comments, taking responsibility for the situation, offering practical solutions, and concrete actions to resolve the crisis are all important steps.


Crafting an efficient digital crisis plan involves identifying potential crisis scenarios, appointing a multidisciplinary team like 202 Digital Reputation, establishing clear response protocols, and designating an authorized spokesperson. Constant monitoring of social media, transparent communication, and swift, coordinated responses are essential. Training the team, defining communication channels, and learning from each experience are crucial steps to keep the plan updated and adaptable to new situations.


The digital crisis plan is a pre-defined and structured strategy to manage crisis situations that may affect reputation in the digital environment. It consists of protocols and actions designed to respond swiftly and effectively to negative events that may arise on social media, websites, forums, or other online platforms. The primary goal of the digital crisis plan is to minimize the negative impact on the image of a brand, company, or individual and maintain public trust through consistent, transparent, and responsible management during challenging moments in the digital realm.


A brand crisis is an unexpected and negative situation or event that significantly impacts the reputation and public perception of a brand, company, or individual. These crises can be triggered by various factors, such as scandals, product failures, unethical practices, accusations, legal issues, controversial social media comments, or any other circumstance that generates widespread negative media coverage or community reactions.

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