Improvement of Digital Reputation and Handling of Claims for an Educational Institution.

Targeted to: Marketing and communication team of the educational institution.

Issue/Need: An educational institution offering diverse disciplines (“The Company”) faced challenges with its online reputation due to lingering past complaints on the internet. These outdated and obsolete complaints were negatively impacting the company’s image and hindering the acquisition of new students. The Company required the detection, classification, and management of these complaints, along with an improvement in its digital presence to attract new students.


The project involved providing a comprehensive online claims management service and optimizing the digital presence of The Company. We implemented a strategic approach in three main stages:


Detection and Classification of Claims: We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing online claims related to The Company. Leveraging specialized tools, we tracked and gathered information about these claims, categorizing them into specific groups based on their content and relevance. This process provided a clear understanding of problematic areas and recurring issues.


Continuous Monitoring: We established a real-time online monitoring system to detect new claims or negative mentions about The Company. Leveraging social listening tools and keyword tracking, we stayed vigilant about any negative content that emerged across various digital platforms and media. This proactive approach enabled us to swiftly address any issues and minimize their impact on the company’s reputation.


Obsolete Content Removal Management: We collaborated closely with The Company to identify outdated and obsolete content that was still present on the Internet. Developing a comprehensive strategy, we managed the removal of this content by engaging with relevant website owners, platforms, and search engines. Through negotiations and formal requests, we ensured the problematic content was effectively removed or updated.


Online Presence Audit and Optimization: We conducted a comprehensive audit of The Company’s online presence, covering their website, social media profiles, and relevant directory listings. By identifying areas for improvement, we developed optimization strategies to enhance the company’s online visibility and reputation.


Creation of Relevant and Positive Content: We ideated a content strategy with a focus on generating relevant and positive material that showcased the outstanding aspects of the company and its educational programs. This encompassed crafting articles, blogs, videos, and other resources that conveyed the values and excellence of The Company.


Online Reputation Management: We implemented an online reputation monitoring system to stay informed about the company’s mentions and reviews. We responded promptly and professionally to user comments, addressing any issues or concerns and fostering positive communication with the audience.


As a result of our partnership, The Company significantly improved its digital presence and effectively managed online complaints. Some of the most notable results include:

  1. Effective detection and classification of existing complaints, enabling proper management and implementation of solutions to address past issues.
  2. Continuous monitoring and swift response to new negative mentions, minimizing their impact on The Company’s reputation.
  3. Successful removal of obsolete and outdated content from the internet, enhancing The Company’s image.
  4. Optimization of online presence, increasing visibility and positive reputation for the company.
  5. Creation of relevant and positive content, attracting new students and strengthening the relationship with the online audience.

In summary, our strategic approach allowed The Company to handle online complaints, enhance its digital presence, and build a strong reputation in the online landscape, resulting in increased student enrollment and improved online performance.

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