Crisis Plan - Anticipation

Preparar un plan de crisis reputacional es esencial para que una empresa u organización pueda manejar eficazmente situaciones adversas que puedan afectar su imagen pública.

About the Reputation Crisis Plan

o The Crisis Committee - To determine the information policy and communication strategy. The effective resolution depends on its coordination, promptness, and management capability.
o 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts - Proactively anticipate crises by detecting any mentions or developments that may lead to a crisis and respond swiftly.
o Identifying Situations / Critiques - Prepare thematic areas where crises may arise, assess potential threats, establish a crisis protocol, and adhere to a manual of best practices.



The digital crisis plan is a pre-defined and structured strategy to manage crisis situations that may affect reputation in the digital environment. It consists of protocols and actions designed to respond swiftly and effectively to negative events that may arise on social media, websites, forums, or other online platforms. The primary goal of the digital crisis plan is to minimize the negative impact on the image of a brand, company, or individual and maintain public trust through consistent, transparent, and responsible management during challenging moments in the digital realm.


Crafting an efficient digital crisis plan involves identifying potential crisis scenarios, appointing a multidisciplinary team like 202 Digital Reputation, establishing clear response protocols, and designating an authorized spokesperson. Constant monitoring of social media, transparent communication, and swift, coordinated responses are essential. Training the team, defining communication channels, and learning from each experience are crucial steps to keep the plan updated and adaptable to new situations.


To create an effective crisis communication plan, it is crucial to identify potential crisis scenarios, establish a crisis communication team, develop key messages and communication guidelines, designate spokespersons and specific roles, set up communication channels and internal procedures, train the team in crisis management and conduct drills, monitor and detect early signs of crisis, act swiftly and communicate transparently, maintain consistency, adjust the plan as needed, and finally, evaluate the plan and learn from the experience to inform future actions.


A crisis plan for social media is a pre-defined and structured strategy that outlines how a brand, company, or individual will handle crises specifically in the digital environment, particularly on social media platforms. This plan focuses on addressing issues and negative events that may arise on social media, such as negative comments, viral controversies, spreading of misinformation, or any other situation that could impact online reputation.

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