Public data defamation

Online defamation is something that happens more and more due to the viralization capacity of the network. Its direct consequence has to do with a drop in the reputation of companies, people, and organizations, which can lead to significant losses. Therefore, we are going to tell you about public data defamation, what it consists of and what can be done about it.


What is public data defamation?

In the context of the Internet, public data defamation or online defamation can be defined as the crime of offending the honor or online reputation of the party who is harmed. Which can be from a person to a company or an organization. This occurs through the web exchange with one or more people of news or false data or insults.

In other words, it can be said that defamation is defined as the action of discrediting a person. Either verbally or in writing, through the publication of something that affects their good reputation and opinion. For this reason, it is understood that public defamation of data has a direct consequence on the reputation of the company, person, or organization and, therefore, on its ability to sustain and grow.


Is it possible to defend yourself against online defamation?

Now that we have seen what public data defamation or online defamation is, it is time to talk about how to defend yourself against it. In principle, we can mention three ways to deal with this situation in order to reduce its impact and to recover the good image of the company or organization.


Contact the user

In the event that defamation has arisen from the publication of a particular person, one of the possibilities available is to contact the user directly requesting the removal of that content. If the person accepts, said contents can be prevented from continuing to move and the effect can be stopped.

Despite this, something that must be taken into account is that, when there is a public defamation of data, this is usually an intentional action. That is an action that is taken by the decision to affect the person, company, or organization that is being slandered.


Contact Google

If you don't want to connect with the particular user or if this has been done but the desired response has not been obtained, what you can do is connect directly with Google. Although this does not necessarily guarantee a favorable response, much less an immediate or quick solution, it is one of the possibilities available.

What it is about in this case is to report the content to Google to request its removal. If Google's opinion is favorable, the Internet giant may decide to remove this content. So it will no longer appear in the results of search engines and platforms that depend on the company.


Go to a digital reputation agency

Finally, one of the most demanded options today has to do with consulting with a digital reputation agency. This is capable of making available a series of services and knowledge aimed at modifying, eliminating, or de-indexing negative information or personal data that may be appearing in different parts of the Internet, from forums and blogs to press releases, business profiles, social networks, Newsletters, among others.


At 202 Digital Reputation, we are a specialized digital reputation agency that offers 360° management of the reputation of your company and organization, preventing, managing, and repairing reputation problems due to defamation or other problems that may appear.

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