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Before going into detail about our online reputation agency, you should know the concept of online reputation. In short, it is the set of evaluations that a brand or company has on the Internet. That is, it covers all references, experiences, reviews, or comments that users express about them or the products or services they offer.

And, of course, they play a fundamental role in the prestige of a business because, if they are negative, their sales, success, and level of competitiveness will decrease. On the other hand, if they are positive, the situation will be different: you will attract more customers, block sales, boost trust, and have more authority in the digital world.


What is and what does an online reputation agency do?

Based on the previous definition, an online reputation agency is a company made up of specialists in different areas, the main ones being: marketing, design, communication, and, obviously, digital reputation.

Indeed, its objective is to reduce those actions that put the fame of the brands or companies that contract their services at risk in order to boost their footprint on the web. To do this, an agency:

  • Use special tools in order to maintain and enhance the profile and esteem of the business in question.
  • Work on branding and digital identity.
  • Monitor results on search engines.
  • Proposes strategies for the business to stand out from its competition.
  • Design plans that encourage presence on the internet.
  • Detect and eliminate negative content or content that contains personal, private, or commercial data published on the network and that is false, or outdated. or violate the policies of the platforms.
  • It does an exhaustive follow-up of reviews and opinions.


How will an online reputation agency manage the digital prestige of my business?

In general, an agency will manage the online reputation of your business in this way:


Determine your current situation

Defining how your company or brand is, is essential since it will be a kind of base to start working according to the result obtained.

In this first step, you investigate the opinions of your customers, employees, and suppliers. Likewise, it seeks to know whether or not your business is a reference in the sector to which it belongs and what are the values ​​or terms with which users associate it on the Internet.

Some tools that serve to obtain this information are: The Social Flame, SEMRush, and Google Trends, although there are actually dozens of them.


Monitor your online media

In order to have current data about the business, it is necessary to monitor all the online channels where you are present, from your website to your blog and profiles on TikTok, YouTube, etc.


Analyze collected information

After having done the respective research and data collection, it must be studied in depth to establish the way to proceed. At this point, the content is also analyzed to detect if false or outdated information about your business has been shared, in order to proceed to eliminate or de-index it by technical or legal means.


Create an action protocol

Setting the route to follow will improve the positive opinions and get rid of the negative ones. In turn, it will help apply improvements to your online strategy and website.


Gain authority and visibility

Part of what an online reputation agency like 202 Digital Reputation will do for your business to gain authority and visibility is to provide your social networks with their own information and encourage interaction with followers.

On the other hand, it will provide articles in the press that talk about your brand or company with original and quality content.


Create an optimal digital identity

In addition to generating authority and online visibility of the brand or business, it is essential to create your digital identity and take it to an impeccable level. A digital reputation agency will not only be in charge of positioning your brand on different digital and social platforms, but will also create content that conveys the values, ethics, and transparency of the brand.


Keep digital regulation and technological law updated

Digital laws and regulations are constantly evolving and it is vitally important to adapt to them to protect your online business. The application of digital regulation offers the management of all content or information that is negative, false, obsolete or that does not comply with the policies of the online platforms.


An online reputation agency will use legal or technical avenues of action to eliminate, modify or de-index this type of content that may be detrimental to the digital reputation of a brand or business.


Reasons why you should hire an online reputation agency

First of all, this investment does not have to be an option but rather an essential task that every business must do in order to lead it on the path to success.

So that you can see it more clearly, below, we will explain to you the most considerable benefits that you will obtain with the work of an online reputation agency:


Improve your brand image

The brand image is basically the perception that people have about a business.

Undoubtedly, this can be affected not only by any action you take but also by the opinions that exist about it.

That is why you should always ensure that your brand gives an excellent impression.


Attract potential customers

According to an analysis by an industry-leading online reputation and public relations agency, Status Labs, more than 59% of users are skeptical of businesses with negative reviews.

Consequently, having good opinions will encourage the arrival of users who are really interested in buying your products or services, which is equal to more possibilities for higher billing.


Promote loyalty

For a business, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a user come back to buy or acquire your products or services. Without a doubt, it is an evident sign of satisfaction and the good relationship that exists between the two.

The most interesting thing is that you can even achieve it with the help of an online reputation agency, because the higher your reputation in the digital world, the more likely your consumers will come back to you. This way you will create a client portfolio and you will denote conformity, complacency, and more notoriety.


Get better positioning

When you are browsing the internet, are you one of those who click on the first pages that the search engine throws at you? Like many, you probably do it because it gives you a sign of prestige.

In this regard, the most important and used search engine worldwide, Google, when positioning a website considers multiple factors, one of them being digital reputation.

In this sense, working on backlinks (incoming links), the content of your website, or positive comments, for example, will boost SEO, which is equal to having a better place in the SERPs (search results), and more traffic. and sales.


Control user reviews

For several years, users and consumers have had a wide list of options to leave their reviews about their experiences with a business.

Among the most common channels are: websites, online stores, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business.


Detect and delete internet data

Taking into account the importance of the image perceived by users of a brand or business, it has become a key service to detect and eliminate certain information from the Internet. An online reputation agency such as 202 Digital Reputation offers the service of eliminating, modifying, or de-indexing negative information or personal data that may appear in press releases, forums, blogs, social networks, business profiles, images, videos, Newsletters, etc. Thus protecting and shielding the brand and online image of a business.

As you can see, there are many online media that, given their relevance, deserve to be served effectively, which implies an additional task for businesses.

To avoid neglecting the online reputation of your brand or company or not giving it the corresponding attention, the ideal is to attribute it to an online reputation agency, since it will manage it correctly.

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