Review Audit, Rating Platform Management, and Training

Targeted to:

Marketing teams of companies with a presence on review platforms


A well-established company in its sector sought to improve its rating scores on review platforms and gain better control and analysis of current reviews. In pursuit of these goals, they encountered several challenges:

  • Overpowering Volume: The large number of reviews received made it difficult to track and effectively manage all of them.
  • Review and categorization: With a large number of reviews, it was challenging for the company’s team to thoroughly review and properly categorize them to analyze customer feedback and enhance their services.
  • Negative and fake reviews: Some negative reviews and even fake ones began to impact the company’s reputation. They needed an efficient way to identify and address these reviews to safeguard their image and maintain customer trust.


The project involved providing a comprehensive service, including review auditing, rating platform management, and process improvement for soliciting positive reviews. We implemented a strategic approach characterized by:


Review Detection and Audit: We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing reviews on the primary rating platform, in this case, Google Business Profile. We classified the reviews based on their ratings, grouping them into positive and negative reviews. Additionally, we categorized the negative reviews according to the nature of the complaints, considering their content and relevance. This provided us with a clear understanding of the areas of concern and recurring issues.


Ongoing Monitoring: We established a weekly monitoring system to detect new reviews and categorize them following the criteria mentioned earlier. This proactive approach enabled us to promptly address any issues and streamline customer support, reducing response times and mitigating any negative impact on the company’s reputation.


Generation of Organic Reviews: We devised a strategy to encourage positive reviews from satisfied customers. We trained the company to request positive reviews, respond to all reviews, and identify any fake or reportable reviews. As a result, not only did the quantity of reviews increase, but also the overall quality and ratings improved.


Reporting of False Negative Reviews: We implemented a process to detect and report false or defamatory negative reviews. Through close collaboration with rating platforms, we identified and removed such harmful content to safeguard the company’s reputation.


After implementing our solutions, XYZ Company experienced the following results:

  • Enhanced Control and Efficiency: The company effectively managed the high volume of received reviews, improving their responsiveness and customer follow-up.
  • Enhanced Online Reputation: Through centralized monitoring and organic review generation, the company increased the number of positive reviews, thus improving their average rating and online image.
  • Identification and Issue Resolution: The audit and categorization process enabled the company to quickly identify relevant problem areas and areas for improvement. This facilitated corrective actions and service optimization to meet customer needs.
  • Reputation Protection: Detecting and reporting false negative reviews helped safeguard the company’s image. By removing such content, they maintained a strong and trustworthy online reputation.


Overall, our company successfully provided the client with a comprehensive solution to manage their reviews on rating platforms, resulting in a substantial improvement in their image, reputation, and customer relations.

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