Social Listening or Online Listening

We monitor, analyze and manage information from open digital sources, we help our clients to protect their digital reputation, anticipate and prevent reputation crises and manage their communication and digital identity, among many other functions.

Online Listening Services

Brand Monitoring

We employ cutting-edge tracking technology to collect social media data from global sources and various languages, all concerning your brand.

Social Media Monitoring

Social listening provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of communication actions. By observing online conversations, we can assess the level of participation, engagement, and reach of your communication efforts.


With proper analysis, you can detect emerging trends in real-time or those gaining popularity over time.


Social listening enables us to identify all influencers associated with a brand, including the most active ones, those generating high engagement, and those with significant reach.

Conversation Sentiment Analysis

To understand sentiment through social listening, it is essential to analyze the tone and emotion associated with mentions and conversations about a specific brand, product, service, or topic.


Social listening provides the opportunity to benchmark against your competition. By monitoring mentions and conversations about your competitors, you can analyze how they are performing in comparison to your brand. This valuable information allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication strategies in relation to other market players.

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Uses of online listening

Through a social media monitoring and analytics tool
We track brand mentions, relevant topics, brand watch, competitor comparison, audience review, and real-time trends, across more than 150 million data sources, including social networks, news, blogs, forums, websites and other media digital.



“Social listening” involves a more proactive and strategic approach, focused on understanding the public’s perception and sentiments towards a brand or company in the digital environment. On the other hand, “monitoring” is a more general and passive approach that focuses on collecting and tracking specific data, such as metrics and statistics, without necessarily delving into the interpretation of public perception.


Managing a crisis situation on social media requires a swift and strategic response. The first step is to identify and understand the magnitude of the crisis. Designate a responsible team and an authorized spokesperson to communicate transparently and empathetically with the audience. Actively listen to the concerns and comments of the public, responding promptly and staying composed. Provide clear and accurate information, avoiding speculation or falsehoods. Coordinate and maintain consistency in the team’s messages and actions. If necessary, redirect to private channels for more personalized attention.


Social Listening is a crucial process for understanding the audience’s perception and opinions about a brand or company in the digital environment. To do this, it’s essential to set clear objectives, identify relevant platforms, utilize specialized tools, analyze the information to make informed decisions, and adjust the strategy in an ongoing manner. Interaction with the audience is fundamental for strengthening relationships and improving the brand’s reputation.


Social Listening operates by constantly monitoring and analyzing online conversations and mentions related to a brand or company. It utilizes specialized tools to track keywords, hashtags, and relevant topics on social media, blogs, forums, and other digital platforms. This process allows for understanding the public’s perception and sentiments towards the brand, identifying trends and recurring issues, and taking strategic actions to enhance reputation and audience engagement. It is a proactive and continually evolving practice that provides valuable insights for decision-making and improving communication strategy.


Performing a social media comment analysis is essential for effectively managing the digital reputation of individuals and brands. At 202 Digital Reputation, we employ a methodology supported by technology and the diverse expertise of our team. We utilize social listening software and artificial intelligence tools to thoroughly track and analyze the opinions and perceptions expressed by the community.

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