Top 4 Social Listening Tools

Over time, social networks have become spaces of excellence for conducting various discussions and conversations. Now, not only in relation to personal questions of life or social aspects, but they have also become the place where users choose to tell about their experiences with the brands and products they buy.

This happens all the time: the customer doesn't complain about the brand by starting a conversation with it but instead talks to their followers about the experience they had. In this context, social listening is a technique to monitor conversations on social networks and improve digital reputation. Next, we tell you about the main social listening tools that you can apply.


What is social listening and why is it important?

We can affirm that social listening is a possibility to follow up on the conversations that take place on the different social networks and platforms regarding your brand or your products. This allows your brand to find new business opportunities and new environments in which to interact with your clients or potential clients.

But, in addition, social listening is an essential tool to take care of the digital reputation of a brand. This is because it is the way to be aware of what is being said about it in these digital environments. Being able to detect possible reputational risks in advance and acting accordingly quickly to prevent them from acquiring a larger scale.

One of the main risks linked to not performing social listening has to do with letting customer complaints run their course without intervention. If this happens, customers may feel more frustrated at not finding a solution to their problems, while complaints may go viral and become more visible, building a negative view of the brand. Therefore, social listening is very important to take care of reputation and prevent crises.


Social listening tools today

Currently, there are many social listening tools that can be used to prevent problems in the reputation of a brand and achieve more satisfied customers. Here we tell you about some of the most important:



Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool with monitoring options that enable social listening at scale and organizing the data in a simple dashboard. Through this, it is possible to track the feelings of people and how they are expressed, as their location, among other things.



In this case, we are referring to a social media monitoring platform. Mention has social listening features that can help identify and measure conversations that are tied to both the brand and its products or services, as well as the competition. It focuses especially on the mentions that can be given around the brand on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, among others.



When talking about Buzzsumo, we are talking about a content analysis tool that can apply social listening outside of social networks thanks to its monitoring capabilities. It especially allows you to be attentive to what is being said in blogs and news publications in which the brand may be discussed.



Another social listening tool that we should mention is Sprout Social. It is a social network programming platform with extensive capabilities for this type of listening, allowing you to configure custom channels for keywords, hashtags, and locations, among other things. It is especially used for networks like Instagram and Twitter.


If you want to take care of your brand's reputation, at 202 Digital Reputation we are an agency specialized in the control, management, improvement, and maintenance of online reputation. We carry out advanced social listening strategies to be able to identify possible reputational risks and offer a timely and adequate response to your clients.

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