Removal of Pornographic Content (Videos, Images, etc.)

Targeted to: Individuals

Problem/Need: A person, a few years ago, created a sexually explicit video. This video was uploaded (willingly or unwillingly) to major websites that distribute and allow the playback of such content, commonly known as pornographic websites. After some years, the individual contacted our team, regretful for having produced that material and desiring to erase all traces of it from the internet. Some of the main problems associated with the active presence of this material online were:


The process involved conducting an initial internet search to locate all the pornographic content. The search encompassed major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), included results from major websites in the adult content industry, as well as other sources where the material might have been reposted, such as blogs, social networks, and smaller websites. The initial search findings were presented to the client for verification.

Once the relevant links were identified, a strategy was devised to begin managing these links:


Direct Contact:

After analyzing and studying all circumstances and case details, we initiated contact with various sources of harmful information for the client. Direct contact is sometimes not feasible, especially within the adult content publishing sector. The avenues for contact are limited compared to other areas of work, often requiring investigative efforts to locate the responsible parties.


Ongoing Monitoring:

We employed cutting-edge software not only to find information during the initial search but also to establish a monitoring system to track content changes and detect new occurrences.



Regular reports were provided to the client detailing the progress on addressed links, pending links, and all pertinent case details.


After working on the case based on the initial strategy, the client experienced the following outcomes:

• Removal of Undesired Content: The client observed that the explicit content had been successfully removed from its sources.
• Improved Online Reputation: Due to the actions taken regarding the content, the client's search results showed an enhancement in their online identity when searching for their name.

202 Digital Reputation successfully provided the client with a solution to manage and eliminate negative content associated with their persona. This led to an improvement in their image, reputation, and online identity when their name is searched on search engines.

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