How to manage and prevent negative reviews

Any business today can be greatly affected by the appearance of a negative review. This is because reviews work like online word of mouth, where users tell other users about the experience they have had with a brand or product, recommending (or not) others who choose it. Therefore, knowing how to manage and prevent negative reviews is very important to reduce the impact that these may have.


How to prevent negative reviews?

As we know, today, a negative comment can have an impact on the digital reputation and profitability of a business. This, in a context in which many users say they have decided to move away from a brand or product and regret the idea of ​​a purchase based on negative reviews from other users. Therefore, controlling and preventing negative reviews and knowing how to manage them when they do occur is very important. Since the care and proper functioning of the business is guaranteed, regardless of the sector to which it is dedicated.

One thing to keep in mind is that, in most cases, according to studies, negative reviews appear due to problems with the service received. Most of the users seem to be oriented to leave negative reviews in cases where they offer inadequate services by companies. Even in a greater proportion to those who decide to do so due to low quality of the products or problems with them. Therefore, if this problem has appeared, it is considered that one of the best ways to prevent negative reviews is by apologizing to the customer and acknowledging the mistakes.


Importance of listening and anticipating

Along with the aforementioned, in order to prevent negative reviews, it is essential to listen to customers and anticipate what they might write. In this sense, one of the best ways to manage negative reviews is to prevent them from happening. For this reason, if it is observed that a client presents complaints or problems with the brand, it is very important to pay attention. Then, quickly identify the problem and solve it, leaving a good impression on the user. In addition, it is important to be present and monitor the comments and conversations that are taking place in order to be there, intervene, offer answers and solutions and achieve the greatest possible satisfaction in the user regarding the decisions that have been made.


How to manage negative reviews?

Now that we have seen the main keys to prevent negative reviews, we want to tell you about the most important points in their management when they have been carried out, in order to be able to minimize the risks that these may cause a reputational crisis or that they may have a great impact on other users.


1. Respond quickly

Therefore, one of the first keys in managing negative reviews is to offer a quick response. This goes hand in hand with social listening or active listening, because you need to be aware quickly when a negative review appears. In order to be able to identify what the problem has been and provide an answer and a solution. This will show the client efficiency and interest, being able to reverse their negative image of the brand.

2. Always maintain kindness

Although it is important to respond quickly, this does not mean that it should be done carelessly. It is essential to always maintain kindness and good treatment to the maximum, as well as the rest. The brand must be able to put itself in the place of the person and offer them the treatment they deserve.

3. Personalize the response

A recommendation that is usually made is to previously prepare the possible answers for different problems that may appear, in order to quickly oil and manage the resolution of problems. However, users should not receive prefabricated answers, but it is important to personalize the answer taking into account the particularities of each case.


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