The key for digital reputation: listening, responding and solutions

In a historical moment in which the competition for products is increasingly broad and homogeneous, maintaining a good digital reputation is essential for companies to be able to grow. For this reason, we want to give you the key for digital reputation: help you understand the importance of listening and being responsive.


Why is it important to take care of digital reputation?

According to various studies, today, most people claim to move away from a brand when it has many negative reviews. Opting instead for another that generates greater confidence. Also, if there are no comments or reviews from other people, users tend to feel distrust. This happens in a context in which, for consumers, it is increasingly important to choose brands that inspire confidence and security.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that the relationship between the brand and digital reputation is something that is created between consumers and prosumers. With proper management, results can be considerably improved, promoting greater satisfaction among these people.


Listen, respond and provide solutions: what is the key for digital reputation?

In order to properly maintain and manage digital reputation, it is essential to constantly monitor the interactions and opinions of users in relation to the brand. This includes being aware, at all times, of the appearance of complaints, being able to provide the best solutions. In this sense, to carry out an adequate management of your online brand, we leave you the essential keys for digital reputation:


- Social listening or active listening

One of the most important keys for digital reputation has to do with listening and monitoring the comments that users are placing in relation to the brand on the different platforms. This is what will allow us to identify in advance the negative comments and complaints that may appear in relation to the brand. This will help to recognize errors and reputational risks that could lead to a crisis.

In addition, it is what will give the opportunity to respond and act in advance in cases of complaints, in order to reduce the chances of building a negative perception on the part of people.

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- Answer

Second, another key for digital reputation has to do with the predisposition to respond. When a brand does not express itself clearly or does not respond to negative comments, an error or problem, this situation can end up leading to a reputational crisis.

Both criticism and complaints or user problems must be heard and responded to. The user must feel that the brand cares about knowing their opinion and that it is not silent facing the problems that may be manifesting. Therefore, always maintaining the greatest kindness and listening clearly to people's problems. It is essential to respond to the comments and reviews of each user.


- Provide solutions

Finally, responding to comments is not enough to maintain a good digital reputation of the company. In addition, the brand must be willing to offer solutions to the problems expressed by customers. For this reason, you not only have to listen and understand what the user is asking and respond to them. Also be open to provide solutions so that the user can find a positive result in solving their problem and can once again trust the brand.

At 202 Digital Reputation we accompany you with a comprehensive 360° management of your digital reputation in the different stages, from prevention to solution and reputation maintenance.

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