Improving Identity on Online Platforms

Revisión y consultoría para detectar los puntos de mejora para la óptima identidad digital en las diversas plataformas de opiniones. Desde la parte más gráfica y de diseño, hasta la más técnica de cómo aparecer más indexado con tu perfil en dichas plataformas

About Improving Identity on Online Platforms

“We recognize the criticality of projecting a robust digital identity across all of the company’s digital assets, including third-party review platforms. As a result, we collaborate with brands to identify areas for enhancement, meticulously curate complete and up-to-date profiles, and leverage our industry acumen to facilitate strategic analysis and adept management. By doing so, we ensure a consistent and impactful digital identity is consistently conveyed through these review platforms.”



Performing a social media comment analysis is essential for effectively managing the digital reputation of individuals and brands. At 202 Digital Reputation, we employ a methodology supported by technology and the diverse expertise of our team. We utilize social listening software and artificial intelligence tools to thoroughly track and analyze the opinions and perceptions expressed by the community.

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Your brand wears off every hour it spends being exposed to negative information on the internet.

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