How to track the activity on Google

When you use Google applications, sites, or services in general, the searches and other tasks that you perform are recorded. They appear as “activity” in the Google account that is used to perform all these tasks. Therefore, when you want to delete this information, many times it may be enough to go to "My Activity" and delete what appears there. However, this process is not always so simple. So, next, we will talk about how to track the activity on Google and what you can do with the information contained there.

What is "My Activity" in Google and how does it work?

Taking the aforementioned, we can say that "My Activity" is the central space to manage and see the activity that has been carried out in Google. This includes all the searches that were performed on Google search engines, the websites that have been visited, the downloads that have been made, and the videos that have been watched, among other things.

To understand this a little better, you have to understand that when you use different Google services, such as Chrome, Search, or YouTube, the activity is saved in the person's account in the form of data. This information registered as activity is used to make the user experience in Google more useful and faster, also being used as a way for the company to decide what it offers to each user.

The types of activities that appear in the "My Activity" part will depend on the Google products that each user uses. But, in addition, it will depend on the activity controls that the user has activated.

How to track my activity on Google by computer, Android, and iOS?

Now that we have seen what My Activity is and how it works, we want to answer how to track my activity on Google, if you want to see and manage the information stored there. Therefore, now, we are going to tell you how you can find it on different devices:


When looking for it on your computer, the first thing you should do is go to your Google account. There you will enter Data and privacy and in "History settings" you will click on "My activity". To see the activity, what you have to do is explore it organized by day and time. However, you also have the ability to filter to search for a specific activity.

To view the details of an item, select "Details" at the bottom of each item. There you can see the date and time of the activity and why it was saved. Sometimes you can also see the device, location, and information related to the app.


In the case of searching for this information on an Android device, the steps are similar. Select Data and privacy and then "My activity" under "History settings". In case you can't see the complete information, what you can do is go to, select “Manage verification of My Activity” and turn additional verification on or off.


For iOS, the first thing to do is open the Gmail app. From there, the steps are the same as in the previously mentioned devices, with the difference that the app that works as a starting point to do this is Gmail, Google's mail.

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