How to encourage customers to generate reviews on Google

Historically, companies have relied on word of mouth to reach new customers through recommendations from loved ones and trusted people. In this sense, in a context in which more and more things go through the network, reviews play the role of word of mouth. Giving users the opportunity to comment to others about their experience with the brand's products, services, or attention. For this reason, more and more people turn to reviews before deciding whether or not to buy a product. Understanding the importance, then, that these comments represent, they are very valuable for companies in all sectors today. Therefore, below, we are going to give you some tips to encourage your customers to generate reviews on Google.


Tips to encourage customers to generate reviews on Google

Although it is true that there are many factors that affect a person's decision to buy or not a product or service, reviews today occupy a fundamental space in this regard. Therefore, we are going to give you some keys that can lead your customers to generate reviews on Google.

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Respond quickly

When a review is responded to quickly, whether positive or negative, it signals that the company genuinely cares about what people have to say. This not only helps to increase the satisfaction of customers who have already left reviews. But by seeing this action by the company, more people may decide to leave their reviews too, because they will feel that the company is going to listen to them.

In addition, the response allows people to feel that their opinion is really important to the company. So they are more likely to be incentivized to generate reviews on Google.


Choose the best times to order 

Many times, people may be interested in leaving their opinion, but it is not asked at the right time. That's why it's always important to choose the best time to ask customers to generate reviews on Google.

The thing to keep in mind is that buyers take different journeys. In this sense, for example, if a customer has had a problem and is asked for a review before it has been resolved, there is a risk that the person will want to post a negative review that will later be read by a large number of people.

Conversely, if the review is requested after the customer expresses satisfaction with how the problem has been resolved or with the quality of the service or product, there may be a better chance that the customer will leave a review and that it will be positive.


Apply in person to generate reviews on Google

Although there are not many cases in which a face-to-face meeting between the brand and the client can take place, there are occasions in which this can take place. Either because the customer has decided to pick up the product in a physical store or because it has been a service offered in person. Once the customer has received the service or product and is satisfied, asking at that time in person and in a friendly manner leaving a review can be very effective.


Show how long it takes to leave a review

Many times, people choose not to leave reviews because they feel they don't have the time for it. However, by showing them how quickly it can take, and that it's effectively something that can be done in a minute or two, they can increase the likelihood that customers will want to generate reviews on Google.

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