What is digital legal advice

Currently, more and more companies have digital representation in the world. That is, companies that have a digital identity. Although this has brought with it new working methods and new possibilities or opportunities, it can also present certain risks. The use of digital technologies can sometimes be a risk to the reputation or honor of individuals, legal entities or companies, impacting the way they are perceived; that is, impacting their digital reputation and therefore their development possibilities. To respond to this situation, what is known as digital legal advice arises.

What legal problems can you find on the network in a context of digital transformation?

When it comes to a company or organization, one of the most frequent problems may have to do with the lack of adaptation to current legislation when developing digitally. But, in addition, both for companies and for natural or legal persons, the following problems may appear:

Information that is outdated, obsolete, false or lacking in public interest is disseminated on the Internet.

That the reputation of the company or person is attacked in social networks, forums, blogs, digital media, among others.

That information be stolen and disseminated.

That false information is spread about the company or the person.

That insults appear towards the company or person or that they are falsely accused of a crime.

That denigrating or misleading advertising is carried out to the detriment of the company.

That business espionage develops.

Creating false accounts with the name or logo of the company.

The role of digital legal advice

Taking into account the aforementioned, digital legal advice emerges as an orientation to companies, natural or legal persons and organizations, in order to guide them not only in compliance with current legislation regarding the network, but also in the forms of prevent and solve problems like these. Digital legal advice plays a key role in managing the image of any company, organization or person; physical or legal, understanding that online reputation refers to the image that is built around it.

Thus, digital legal advice contributes, in other terms, to knowing how to act in the event that these contents appear, what laws protect the company or person in question and how to proceed to avoid its negative consequences. It is also a key tool to be able to legally combat negative or fraudulent information that may have been disseminated and that directly affects the integrity or reputation of the person, company or organization, correcting the negative effects that this may have on their sustainability.

Some of the activities contemplated within digital legal advice, then, include:

  • Legal advice for current regulatory compliance on the Internet.
  • Preservation of digital reputation through various actions.
  • Accompaniment in the requirements of removal or blocking of negative or harmful content.
  • Legal assistance in procedures to defend one's own image.
  • Assistance with procedures linked to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

At 202 Digital Reputation we are an agency specialized in digital reputation. We offer a complete digital legal advice service, adaptation to current legislation and training. We seek to resolve all the doubts of companies at a digital legal level, reaching the necessary level of management and adaptation to the current legislation of each country. Likewise, we are dedicated to providing training aimed at managers and workers. Contact us and find out much more about it.

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