How to manage the privacy of the accounts

Properly managing the privacy of accounts on Google and on the different platforms is essential. It is what not only will allow confidential information to be kept safe but also prevent leaks from occurring. Taking into account that these put at risk the proper functioning, continuity or security of a company. For this reason, we are going to tell you how to manage the privacy of your Google accounts and the main social networks.


Keys to manage the privacy of Google accounts

When it comes to managing the privacy of Google accounts, one of the key points is two-step verification. This is a fundamental procedure if you want to ensure good protection of information. What this process does is that, in addition to typing a password, it is necessary to fulfill a second step to be able to log in in a new browser or on a new device. To activate it, you must enter the Google account configuration website. Then go to the Security section and the Sign in to Google section and, finally, click on the Two-Step Verification option.

But this mechanism is not the only one to take into account to manage the privacy of Google accounts securely. You also need to refer to passwords. One of the most frequent tips to achieve secure passwords is not to repeat the same password in different platforms. Because, if you do, a leak in one of them can put all the accounts at risk.

However, many people and companies continue to do this because remembering all the keys can be especially difficult. It is to solve this that password managers arrive, thanks to which they are stored in Google and can be used on other devices where Chrome is used. In addition, if you do not use this search engine, you can access the saved passwords through the website

Finally, once the passwords have been saved, a very important step is to verify if they have been leaked. It is a review that is recommended to be done from time to time and it is only required to enter the password management website and click on Password Review. By doing this, Google will redirect to a page where you can find out if any of your saved passwords have been leaked, so you can make changes in time.

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Manage the privacy of accounts on social networks

As for social networks, both when it is a personal account and when it is a company account, it is very important to properly manage the privacy of the accounts. This is what will allow control of the information that is disseminated. Furthermore, it will prevent leaks or attacks from happening that can have a considerable impact on the credibility and digital reputation of a person, brand or business.


In the case of social networks like Instagram, there are different ways to manage privacy. One of the most common is creating private accounts instead of public ones. Despite the fact that this is better used by individual users and not by brands. But, in addition, the platform allows you to check the images in which an account has been tagged. Both to be able to accept or reject the publication, as well as hide those photos in which you do not want to appear.

Facebook and Twitter

Other networks such as Facebook and Twitter have privacy sections where you can choose who can see the posts or tweets, and you can choose the privacy you want to have. Additionally, on Facebook, actions can be taken regarding the appearance of the account in third-party publications. In order to accept or reject that the name is incorporated in them.

If you want to know more about how to manage the privacy of Google accounts and social networks, at 202 Digital Reputation we are specialists in digital reputation and we can advise you on how to protect your accounts to avoid leaks and damage.

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