Maintenance of Google reviews

It is thanks to the comments that people leave about a brand or its products, companies can know what is working well and what is failing. But, also, as time goes by, customers are increasingly interested in getting to know the companies before choosing to make a purchase or contract service. Being the reviews of other clients the point par excellence to obtain the information they are looking for. In this sense, below, we will talk about how to get good Google reviews and how to manage them.


The importance of Google reviews

In addition to being the space that more and more customers visit when choosing or not a company, reviews are taken into account by Google when positioning a business in search engines. To do this, consider both the quantity and the quality of the reviews. Based on this, it generates a relevance ranking, which is what will end up determining which companies appear among the first results for a given search by users. But not only that, but the reviews also contribute to the digital reputation of the business.

In this sense, encouraging customers to leave reviews once they have made a purchase or contracted service is a practice that can be very important for the positioning that is achieved in search engines. But, in addition, it will be decisive for the confidence of new potential customers who will search the reviews of previous customers for the confidence they need before deciding to make a purchase.

It is recommended to follow the tips to improve Google reviews in order to optimally manage your digital reputation.


Good practices for getting customer reviews on Google

Following the aforementioned, it is recommended to encourage customers to leave reviews in case they have been satisfied with the products and services obtained. This will also be a way of maintaining contact and showing the client that you are interested in their opinions, comments, and potential criticism.

Once the reviews have been obtained, it is important to follow the following practices:



Always, whether it is a positive or negative review, it is very important to respond to customer feedback. It must be taken into account that the client is spending part of his time leaving his opinion regarding the company or its products and services. So it is important to give back to this by responding to the review, either to thank or to provide a solution in case of a problem or criticism.


Do not erase

Google allows the ability to delete a review when it violates its policies or is proven to be false. However, it is important not to fall into the temptation that sometimes appears to deleting negative reviews that real customers can make, because this can lead to a loss in positioning by trying to hide certain criticisms or problems.

What should be done is to respond quickly and effectively to the person with the negative review, listen to what their problem has been, apologize, and offer a solution that can solve it.


Provide solutions

For cases of negative reviews, as we have seen previously, it is very important to respond quickly and effectively. You should always take charge of the situation and not enter into conflict with the client, but rather acknowledge the mistake and proceed to find a solution. The greater the predisposition of the company to solve the problem, the greater the subsequent satisfaction of the client who will see in it a genuine interest in fixing the errors.


Check frequently

Finally, it is very important to review reviews frequently, in order not to miss the time between when a new one is published and the response is received. It must be borne in mind that leaving a positive review unanswered for a long time can be considered disinterest in the customer who has dedicated their time to it. At the same time, leaving a negative review unanswered for a long time can indicate that you have no interest in resolving the issue the person has raised. In both cases, it is a mistake to wait to answer, so keep checking reviews frequently.


At 202 Digital Reputation, we are an agency specialized in digital reputation that provides 360° management of your company’s reputation. Among the multiple tasks that we address, we include review management so that you can obtain the best results in your business.

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